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Robert Anderson Dunsire VC was a ‘forgotten’ hero in Fife for many decades after his Act of Valour at the Battle of Loos in September 1915 led to the award of the Victoria Cross. Sadly, he was wounded and died in action some 10 weeks after the announcement of his award.

Robert’s family always passed his story between the generations as many moved to new homes away from Robert’s native mining communities in Fife. The storytelling was always done quietly and with humility, without fanfares.

The decision by the UK Government to have a Commemorative VC Paving Stone laid in the place of each World War 1 VC’s birth brought a new impetus to the awareness of the story of these men. They were not to be forgotten.

Robert’s full life story is worthy of being retold. His public persona may be defined by the entry road sign to his birth town of Buckhaven, the Commemorative VC Paving Stone at Toll Park, Buckhaven and his name on a number of War Memorials in churches, schools and public spaces.

However, the private person behind all these public appearances certainly merits being known. He was a man of his generation. Yes, he was a VC and a ‘humble miner’ but all of Robert’s 24 years of life had breadth and depth. He had many strings to his bow. The Dunsire family played prominent roles and carried influence in the mining industry, church life and elected public roles in their burgeoning local communities. Robert’s life was filled with the same purpose as those who nurtured and encouraged him.

Though short, Robert Anderson Dunsire VC’s life was no ordinary life. His life and achievements are now permanently established in Fife’s History.

Enjoy reading and learning about the complete story of the life and legacy of Robert Anderson Dunsire VC. His story should never be lost or forgotten.

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